Thursday, December 3, 2009

Young Mama, Old Mama

I'm starting a blog! Do I need anymore computer interaction....well I guess I think of it as my social interaction.

I hope to use this blog to portray what life is like being both a young mom and an old mom.


I had my first daughter "Big C" when I was 20 years and 20 days old. I will be 38 when she leaves for college.

I had my second daughter "Little C" when I was 32 years old.

I was in college when I had Big C and not married :) I guess some might think this would be hard, but she was the very best thing to ever happen to me. She inspired me to get my college degree, sit for the CPA exam, and most importantly to live a happy and full life. Lead by example....I hope I am doing that. My Big C is approaching teenage years quite quickly!

Little C came around in a more traditional way. I met a boy one night who offered to let me wear his coat because it was cold. Three and a half years later we were engaged, a year after that married, and one year after that Little C came into the world. My Little C is approaching five months!

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